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Stone Outdoor Grill Island

I am a stoneworker and craftsman in southern Maine. I specialize in dry stone construction (e.g. stone walls with no mortar), as well as mortared stonework that evokes traditional techniques. I'm also adept at small-scale landscape design that integrates local stone, dwarf conifers, and native perennials.

In addition to stonework, I build outdoor furniture (including outdoor sofas) and I create woodburnt works of art.


I care about using local natural materials to create beautiful and useful places to calm the mind. And I care about making these places attainable for regular people.

Stonework Home


Whether you already have a design in hand or you need help creating a vision, I would be happy to talk with you to determine if your needs and my skills are a good match.


- Stonework design and visioning

- Small-scale landscape design

- Stonemasonry, general masonry and hardscaping builds

- Sourcing stone from various sites

- Sitework and grading, including operation of heavy machinery

- Stone patination (accelerating the aging of stone)

- DIY consulting


- Dry stone freestanding walls

- Dry stone retaining walls

- Veneer stone (interior and exterior)

- Stone accessory structures

- Patios

- Walkways and paths
- Firepits

- Steps

- Firewood stack ends

- Sculptures / features

Outdoor Furniture Home


When I'm not working with stone, I'm probably working with wood. I'd be happy to build/create something for you. 

Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Sofa

- Custom sizing, configuration, stain color, and Sunbrella fabric

- Maine cedar and pressure treated Maine pine

- Galvanized steel structural brackets and marine grade stainless steel screws

- Cushions are dry-fast outdoor foam wrapped in quick-drying polyfill

- The zippered slipcovers are sewn by my extremely talented mom, and can be made from any of the hundreds of Sunbrella fabrics, stitched together with top-of-the-line Tenara thread

- Color available in any of Benjamin Moore's Arborcoat stain colors

Cedar Farmhouse Table and Bench

- Custom sizing and stain color

- 100% Maine cedar and stainless steel screws

- Color available in any of Benjamin Moore's Arborcoat stain colors

Woodburnt / Pyrographic Art


Bring me a vision or a prompt and I'll burn it to life. I especially like to make pieces that have some utility by incorporating coat hooks, bells, chimes, bottle openers, candles, or anything else you can imagine.

Wood Fired Lobster Tank Hot Tub


A stainless steel lobster tank converted into a cedar-clad wood fired hot tub.  The pinnacle of lobster tank luxury. I can't make you one because my insurer doesn't want me making hot tubs. But if enough people express interest, I could adjust my policy.